Here you'll find a variety of programs related to the Diplomacy AI project. They have been contributed by various authors and some links will take you to external websites. The downloads have been split into 4 categories.

If you have anything to contribute to this section then please contact us.


If you wish to test your AI against other AIs then you'll need a DAIDE server. Servers can run either on the same machine or a seperate machine to your AI. (...)


Clients cover all programs that can communicate with a DAIDE server. This includes bots (AIs that following simple rules), AIs and human interfaces that allow people to play against AIs on a DAIDE server. (...)

Development Kits

Some AI authors have provided some or all of their code to help others get started. These development kits usually consist of libraries to implement functions that are common to all AIs. (...)


Various handy utilities are provided that makes working in the DAIDE environment a little easier. (...)