Development kits (downloads)

Some AI authors have provided some or all of their code to help others get started. These development kits usually consist of libraries to implement functions that are common to all AIs.

AI Development Kit (v00.03.0462)

Author: Andrew Rose

Target: packages/

This kit is for all Windows AI writers. It comes as DLLs and header files for C/C++ although any language that can make use of DLLs can use this package. The kit contains the following items

AI Development Kit Redistributables

Author: Andrew Rose

Target: packages/"

The DLLs only from the above kit.

AI Client Framework

Author: David Norman


This is the only DAIDE server available. It is used by both the AI and Real-Time communities as the reference implementation.

Java AI Communication API

Author: Henrik Bylund


Handles all the low-level TCP/IP communications, presenting a listener style interface to AI writers.

.NET development kit

Author: Fredrik Blom


The CDK includes all that you need to start programming a bot from a .Net language including the binaries to describe a Diplomacy game, connect to a DAIDE server, and a base implementation for a Bot. The SDK has been updated to use .Net 2.0.