DAIDE website relaunched

The DAIDE website is relaunched. 6 March 2016

Albert version 6.0 released

The latest release of Jason Van Hal's Albert. Requires AISever version 0.38 or later, Requires AIMapper version 0.41 or later. Capable of press levels 10, 20 and 30. Major Release with addition of Press for Orders during movement phases. Capable of PCE, ALY, DMZ, XDO, NAR, NOT, DRW, SLO, AND, ORR Files and more information at March 2013

New versions of Server and Mapper released

David Norman releases new versions of the DAIDE Server (v0.38) and Mapper (v0.41) released. Latest files available at 31 October 2010

A new bot, Brutus, and a Tournament Manager

Michael Jones releases a preliminary version of a Brutus and a Tournament Manager are released at 1 February 2010

Instructions to run TheDiplominator

John Newbury releases instructions to run TheDiplominator and made available in a text file along with the bot. Homeless bots, including TheDiplominator with instructions, available at 1 February 2010

Albert version 5.9 released

The latest release of Jason Van Hal's Albert. Requires AISever version 0.36; capable of press levels 10, 20 and 30; capable of PCE, ALY, DMZ, DRW, SLO, AND, ORR; bugs with Deceit module, and multipower ALY agreements fixed; human mimicing delays; adjusted usage of DMZ and ALY. Files and more information at 20 January 2010

DAIDE Quick Start

"Jason van Hal releases DAIDE QuickStart Diplomacy, a package that installs everything you need to play Diplomacy against the computer AI. Once installed, just run the QuickStart Diplomacy program, type your name and click "Start the Game". And then you're playing a game of Diplomacy against 6 computer players.

"Feel free to download and install even if you have aimapper and aiserver already on your computer. Its installation is completely separate. It runs Albert version 5.7"

Files and more information at 7 November 2009

New versions of Server and AI Client released

New versions of the DAIDE Server (v0.33) and AI Client Framework released with a bug fix in the adjudicator that "could cause it to crash, if it received a particularly unusual set of orders". Latest files available at

Diplominator released

The Diplominator, a bot capable of level 20 press, is released by Mony Junkie. 8 January 2008

Continues progress with R.E.D. V2.2

Adam Shelly reports: I've updated my Bot and revamped the AI again. The newest AI flavor (and new default) is called "Major". It combines the best of the previous AIs, and fixes some bugs. It still usually gets beat by KMB, but it's getting better. It does pretty well in level 10 press games, as long as it doesn't box itself in with too many peace agreements.

Let me know what you think, and if you find any bugs or crashes.

Next steps: implement PRP ALY, keep tuning strategic factors.. 28 October 2006

Updated .NET SDK

Fredrik Blom reports: I've updated the .Net SDK to work with the latest version of the server. The .Net SDK has been updated to use .Net 2.0 as well. It will no longer work with .Net 1.0 or 1.1, since I'm now using generics, which was introduced in .Net 2.0.

I've also moved to a more stable hosting alternative: The SDK is now available for download from the following site:

This is basically the same version of the development kit that was released two years ago, but it has been updated with the latest token definitions. It does not include any press framework. 8 July 2006

Java AI Communication API

Daniel Yule reports: I have updated Henrik's two year old java code with the latest tokens and fixed the bug where it crashed when it recieved a token it didn't understand (such as the SMR message sent at the end of every game). The newest version is avaliable here:

If you are the writer of a bot in java (Man'Chi, Project20M and maybe some others I don't know about) I would highly recommend using this version, as it does not crash at the end of every game.

This does ~not~ reflect at all anything to do with the framework I am creating. I am merely updating slightly buggy code, because I know there are several bots out there that this causes problems for. If you are developing a bot in java, I would recommend waiting a week or so for me to release my framework, as it is a complete implementation of the DPP syntax, whereas Henrik's code is an implementation mainly of the underlying AI-Server communications layer.

My first release will be a total implementation of Level 0 and 10, with some limited facility for dealing with press above that, with a full press framework to follow sometime later. 5 July 2006

Release of BlabBot 2.1

John Newbury reports: I have now released BlabBot 2.1, see

I believe this fixes the problems that Jason found, and some more that he might soon have hit. Apologies that I did not produce a quick fix, but I found some tricky deep bugs that would affect lots of things. It was more efficient to fix them properly, rather than just a temporary fix for known symptoms. (As it is, I have disabled recognition of XDO, which was faulty, pending final confirmation of the rules regarding multiple coasts - so it sends HUH rather than BWX! Discovering that I did not know exactly what was required in general here was another cause of delay.)

A further delay was in producing some decent test tools to solve the immediate problems. These proved to be of immense value, and are a step towards my full tests. (The most important thing is that I have now debugged my facilities to translate directly to and from a text form of DAIDE (or Botchi extension) and my equivalent semantic data- structures, with traps for when there are errors in translation. It makes it much easier to supply test data and check results of a round trip from text to data-structure back to text, with optional tests on resultant data-structure, including canonical form, etc. You can even be lazy and read or write live press in text form - useful for quick tests - though less efficient, and misses out on compile-time checks and the added value of semantic data-structures and functions, wherein I think the real value lies for capturing the semantics coding intelligent play!)

I do not claim that BlabBot is now as rigourously tested as I hope the final source release will be, but believe that it should be OK at least for play up to Level 20.

There is also a new "Policy" argument (see above web page), which is an example of a general method that I intend to use with DLS. The (Honest) "Joe" and "Mac" (the Knife) policies should provide options for the stabbing feature that Jason lamented my withdrawal.

Comments welcome. 6 June 2006

Latest version of KissMyBot released

Jason van Hal releases version 4.0 of KissMyBot, capable of Level 10 Press. 23 May 2006

New version of DAIDE Server, Mapper and DumbBot

David Norman reports: I've just upload a new version of the Server, Mapper and DumbBot to

The big news is, the first attempt at implementing press is included. You can send partial press, both as free text and using DAIDE negotiation language.

There are two ways to create messages. Either click the "Compose Press Message" button on the "Press" tab, or double-click on a received message to reply to it. 23 October 2005

New AI Released - Project20M

This AI was produced by Andrew Huff et al as coursework for a degree. The AI is available through the download section and the thesis can be found in the research section. 3 January 2005

New AI Released - HaAI

This AI was produced as part of a Master's degree. The AI is available through the download section and the thesis can be found in the research section. 21 September 2004