Technical Documentation

This page links to several technical documents related to DAIDE. AI developers will eventually need to be familiar with them all.

Communications Model

The Communications Model document gives a high level overview of how the various DAIDE components communicate with each other to form the whole system. This is a short, simple document containing the fundamentals of the environment.

Introduction to DAIDE

The Introduction to DAIDE gives a complete overview of the system from the ground up.

Communications Protocol [External]

The Communications Protocol document specifies the format of messages that are transferred over the network when DAIDE components communicate with each other. This is a terse, technical document, intended as a reference for those implementing an AI from scratch without using any of the available toolkits.

Language Syntax [External]

The Language Syntax document defines and describes the language that AIs use to communicate with each other and the server. All AI writers will need to be familiar with the document because it describes how to carry out the basic elements of Diplomacy such as entering orders, receiving results and sending press.